Friday, 28 February 2014

Cut fabric, lining, interface, elastic - Poltam skirt

Hi All,
This is part of the poltam skirt free pattern. To see all steps please  click poltam skirt free pattern.
Once you have calculated pattern pieces, the same calculator will provide the cutting options (1, 2 or 3 - Amber fields).We are now ready to cut.
1. Cut Fabric
2. Cut Lining
3. Cut Elastic
4. Cut Interface.

UPDATE: Video tutorial for this is available here -  pleated poltam skirt video tutorial - No lining

1. Cut Fabric: Before you begin, if you need to know what is grain or selvage click here.
I did read a lot how to place the waistband and I figured out that the waistband is placed with length of waistband parallel to that of selvage. Option 1 and 2 show that but in case you are really short of fabric you can use Option 3. Since this is elasticised the stability may not be such a big problem I guess. But I have found that there are other school of thoughts saying place it on cross grain to avoid shrinkage. If you follow any method please let me know.

2. Cut Lining:
a. Front Lining:
b. Back Lining
 3. Cut Elastic
 4. Cut Interface
I have used a regular scissor for elastic and interface.

You are now ready to start to sew.


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