Friday, 21 February 2014

Poltam skirt - gift

Hi All,

Poltam skirt

Almost the end of the week, hope you had a good one.
I made this skirt for my friend daughter. It's her birthday today we are invited.
My friend and me were next door neighbors 8 yrs back. She then moved, I moved and we lost touch.
Thanks to Facebook, we found each other again last year and she just lives a few streets away. :)

Back to poltam skirt:
UPDATE - I've now make a tutorial for this. If you'd like to make one please click poltam skirt free pattern.
Well I called it poltam skirt as it looks like a school skirt (poltam means school in my mother tongue) due to the pleats. Well I think I ironed it a bit too much to make it look new and good. :). Well it is new but I washed it before sewing (to shrink it) and after sewing (to remove the starch I sprayed).
Fabric: I think the fabric is called viscose - its very light and flowy.
Pattern : Self drafted with the phus phus skirt pattern as base. Front is pleated and back is elasticised and gathered (again for a no bulk look just like phus phus skirt).
Time taken to sew: 2.5 hrs

I lined the skirt.I have thought real real hard on this lining. I didn't want the skirt to look bulky in any way. She is 5 yrs old, so bulk wouldn't be nice, although for little children I think its fine or in fact it looks good. I therefore used a A line front with width that of front waistband and the back pattern width with that of the back waistband. The waistband back is not to the full width of the skirt. Same trick I used for the phus phus skirt remember ? :)

1. I wanted to try spraying starch since this fabric is so slippery. I did and it worked great. Starch is going to be my good friend for a long time now.

2. Although I did iron the hem before sewing, I think its still better to pin them since I had to create a small pleat on the inside. Didn't have the energy to unpick and sew back.

I thought of buying the regular gift along - some books or toys then thought why not complete the look for the skirt.
I bought this little jacket and a clip to go with it. I hope she likes it.

I'll post you the tutorial along soon :).

Have a good weekend!

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