Friday, 14 February 2014

Inverted pleat tunic

Hi All, Hope you are well. I made this inverted pleat tunic that I want to share with you.
Self drafted tunic

Pattern : I traced a t shirt and extended it to make this tunic.
I like the red bright buttons on the back.
Inverted Pleat Tunic
 The front of the tunic has a inverted pleat.
Inverted pleat how to
You can see on the paper how I made the pleat. This is how I did it to get it right in my head. I
first folded the pattern in half lengthwise and made the pleat to converge at the center.

I pasted the pleat together and then traced again for the front. I could have just calculated the extra fabric in center and added but I wasn't sure of the slight curve at neck.
The sleeves is doubled so no hem at sleeves and looks nice too. :)
1. Interface the placket
2. Widen the placket. When worn the last button at bottom keeps coming off so I'm hoping if I widened the platcket and interfaced it, I could solve the problem? And the button holes aren't actually big. They are just right in case you were thinking. :)
Thanks for reading,
Have a nice weekend.

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  1. Hi Preethi,

    What a beautiful blog and beautiful stuff you make here. They are simply awesome! I pathetic at

    Thank you for visiting me and leaving me sweet note. I'll be back often... Nice to meet ya!! Happy Weekend.

    1. Thx so much for your sweet words. Nice to meet you too.

  2. Hi Preethi,
    Thanks for the lovely note you left on my blog.
    You've only just started blogging and look at how far you've come already!! Wow! And such lovely and informative posts you've put up. Was a pleasure going through them. Happy blogging!

    1. Hi Suma, Oh you are just being too kind to say informative and how far I've come. :) I feel a little embarrassed now, :), however you made my day. thank you :)


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