Sunday, 2 February 2014

Form tubes - Phus phus skirt

Hi All,
Another detailed post.

1.  Place the interface on wrong side of smaller (front waistband)
 2. Iron the interface on the waistband. If I move the iron I've observed that the interface move, so I just press.
 3. Select a matching thread and wind the bobbin
 4. Select normal stitch length (in my case 2)
5. Select straight stitch (in my case B)

6. Now with right sides together for waistbands and skirt pieces pin then at the edges at the seam allowance . In my case 2 cm
7. Now place the needle at the seam allowance mark.
 8. I generally turn the hand wheel forward (towards myself) twice first.
 9. Then I press the reverse button to reverse stitch and continue forward stitch. Repeat the same at the end to secure the stitches.
 10. Cut the threads.
 11. Press open the seams. I just press with my nails :)
12. Now you have the 2 tubes ready.

13. With your machine set to zig zag stitch or if you have a serger sew the ends of the skirt which is not cut on selvage. I'm not finishing the waistband since it is hidden.(I've used a zig zag stitch setting as I don't have a serger)


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  1. Where can I find the measurement for the front and back waistband?

  2. What is the length of the elastic for the back band please?


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