Monday, 24 February 2014

Calculate fabric & pattern pieces - Poltam skirt

Hi All, Another calculation sheet just like we did for the phus phus skirt. This time it is for any length.
You will need to input the numbers in yellow.

UPDATE: Video tutorial for this is available here -  pleated poltam skirt video tutorial - No lining

Measure around waist for "Waist" measurement and the required length. If you are unable to measure for whatever reason the best or rather what I do is go to my favorite brand's online size chart to determine waist. The fabric width (selvage to selvage) helps determine the amount of fabric needed. I've taken fabric width around 145cm. This is optional. It helps you if need to buy fabric or to measure if the one you have is sufficient. This calculator should work on most smart phones as well so when you go to the fabric shop you can calculate the amount of fabric there. How clever :)

Depending on the type of skirt - No Lining - With lining - skirt and waistband lining the fabric and pattern pieces are calculated. Select your option. All pattern pieces are rectangles except "Front skirt lining" which is a trapezium. I'll show you how to cut the fabric in next post. Please note the cutting option in orange.


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  1. Hi, I loved making this skirt, but your online calculator is not working..... are you able to update it or any tips on how to do the calculation?


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