1. Thank you for sharing your pattern!
    I have everything done, except I haven't been able to attach the yoke to the body. Please provide more details on how to line up the yoke and body and how to attach.

    1. Hi Joan, I'm guessing it is the Aanchi pattern and not the Mela dress. - http://widicreations.blogspot.co.uk/2014/05/aanchi-nightie-attach-yoke.html.
      Have you been able to get the yoke ready and notched up? Do you have the skirt/body gathered? If so you need to align
      Right side of body with right side of front yoke
      Wrong side of body with right side of facing yoke.

      Basically sandwich the body between the front yoke and facing yoke such that when the yoke is folded up, only the right sides show. Do you want to paper explanation? let me know. Thanks,Preethi.


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