Friday 7 February 2014

How to thread sewig machine

Hi All,

This is part of the Sewing basics series: 

How to thread your automatic sewing machine

This post is full photos post on how  I thread my machine. I do not know about other machines but I presume most machines should be similar.  The first time you do it, it is going to be a very tedious task of something like 10 minutes but now I can do it in a whim.
Please do not get overwhelmed by the number of steps here. May be they are too detailed. I didn't imagine that there will actually be so many steps for a couple of seconds it takes to thread the machine :). I wish I had this the first time I threaded my machine.

Direction of bobbin thread1. After winding the bobbin lay the bobbin case on the bobbin (that is wound up) such that the  thread is facing upwards in anti clockwise direction and the thing protruding the bobbin is facing downwards. Note the direction here. I've figured it out trying different ways, getting the thread jammed up, forming lumps on the fabric and found this works best.

How to insert thread in bobbin case
 2. Now take it in your hands and pull the bobbin thread through the grooves adjacent or just on top of the bobbin.
Bobbin case
 3. Slide the thread till it comes out of the case like shown.
sewing machine storage box
 4. Open the storage box in case you had closed it while winding the bobbin.
Sewing machine bobbin case
5. Open the bobbin case in case you had closed it while winding the bobbin.

Janome how to insert bobbin in bobbin case
6. By pulling up the front knob place the bobbin case with the bobbin inside so that the protruding holder snaps in position.

Janome J3 18 how to wind bobbin
 7. Now leave the knob
J3 18 bobbin case
8. See that the thread is hanging down.
Janome J3 18 handwheel

9. Make sure that the hand wheel is pressed in (Remember we had pulled out to wind the bobbin)
Top thread direction stitching
10. Now put the thread with thread coming out anti clockwise.
thread direction stitching automatic machine

11. Pull the thread and it must go through this grove.
Learn to sew - How to thread sewing machine
12. Thread it down in the grooves and up again making a U (starting from right to left though).

Sewing machine hooks to thread
13. Now turn the hand wheel forward such that the hook circled comes up.
Janome hooks to thread
14. Thread it inside the hook
thread stitching tutorial
15. The thread needs to settle in the circle of the hook.
Janome automatic stitching machine how to use
 16. Now pull it down on the left of the U.
Learn to sew - How to thread sewing machine
17. Now it needs to go behind the little hook circled.
how to insert thread in needle
18. Put the thread in the needle (My machine came up with the needle fixed, else you'll need to look up your manual to fix the needle first)
long thread tail
 19. Pull the thread so it has a long tail.
learn to use machine to stitch
20. Now turning the hand wheel let the needle go down and up.
How to set sewing machine thread
21. While it comes up it brings with it the bobbin thread.
How to stitching using sewing machine
22. Take both top thread and bobbin thread and put both in the center of the foot and let the thread now go behind. I haven't taken a photo of what I mean by going behind. Sorry. It means the tips of the thread are not facing towards you but facing opposite side.
learn to stitch basics
23.  Now close the bobbin case
Janome J3 18 storage box
24.  Close the storage box.
How to sew Janome
Ready to sew!!

Thanks for reading.

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  1. hi friend this is swetha from Hyderabad. iam new to sewing. Can you please suggest me a sewing machine within the cost range of 3k to 6k.

    thnak you

    1. Hi Swetha, I use a Janome sewing machine. You can read about all the supplies here- Currently I'm in the UK and have only developed my interest after coming here and have thus bought one here. However I did browse online for sewing machines in India and found Usha Janome - stitch Magic, Dream stitch, Allure good ones but a little above your budget. Since I use a Janome I was inclined towards Janome machines as they are really sturdy. I however didn't find the J3-18 that I use in India.
      If you starting like me, I'd suggest to buy a basic machine preferably mechanical than computerized from a reputed company with functions of zig zag stich, buttonhole stitch, couple of embroidery stitches if you are interested. The machine should be sturdy enough to go through thick fabric or 2-3 layers of fabric. My mom bought a small sewing machine for altering purposes since she didn't want to use her big singer machine but it doesn't go through even 2 layers of fabric.
      That's just my 2 cents. Hope it helps!!

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  3. Thank you! I just got a new front loading Janome, I have only had top loading bobbins since I was a kid, sewing with my grandmother! This is a new gig, I had no idea what to do with the front loading bobbin..
    Thank you again for the extremely helpful tips. I hope I like the front loading as well as I like the top loading bobbin.
    It’s never too late to learn something new. :)

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    1. Thanks to your tips for thread, needles, sewing and embroidery digitizing. Its quite useful for new embroiders. Thank you very much...!


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