Sunday, 2 February 2014

Cut fabric - phus phus skirt

Cut fabric for gathered skirt

This step is part of the free pattern. To view all the steps click free pattern phus phus skirt
How to cut fabric for gathered skirt

How to measure on fold
1. Fold the fabric so the selvage meets at both ends.
Measure the length = 2*skirt piece length.
I bought my fabric at a local shop and had the threads from amazon. For Medium gathers you can use 1/2 meter and for full gathers you will need 1 meter for up to 5 yrs. Also buy matching threads. I bought mine from  amazon and amazon. The first is really cheap but does the job for me.
measure for gathered skirt
2. Measure the breadth = 2*skirt piece breadth.
cut cloth for gathered skirt
3. Cut it out. The right uncut part - you can either cut on fold or unfold it and cut it. I unfolded it.
howto cut waistband for gathered skirt

4. Measure and cut the waistband pieces (front and back)

Cut elastic for elastic waistband
5.  Cut elastic according to mesurements
 6. cut interface according to measurements.

7. Cut the 2*skirt piece on the folded edge. You should now have - 4 fabric pieces (2 skirt pieces, 1 small or front waistband, 1 long or back waisiband)
 - 1 elastic
-  1 interface piece.

It took me 15 minutes to cut the fabric. I'd done it at least 6 times before so it was easy.


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  1. Hi! Love this tutorial.I would really to make this skirt for my granddaughter. However, I was not able to get the entire info. would it be possible to make it available again? I'd subscribe to your blog.


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