Monday, 3 March 2014

Phus Phus dressing up - part 2

Hi All, Hope you had a lovely weekend.
I'm totally loving the phus phus skirt. Its a bit odd - I make it and I say I'm loving it. But the skirt is so comfortable for my girl and at the same time it looks so good I can't help it. The clothes that are comfortable don't look that good and if they look good they are pulling at odd places that she will refuse to wear.
Here are some more photos I took of my little girl. I'm not or shall I say not yet comfortable to post her pics and the pics go around pinterest everywhere. I had posted part 1 of phus phus skirt dressing up is here.
How to sew a skirt

How to sew a gathered skirt

I bought these shoes from mothercare and have used it to death. I've now bought the blue version as well. I love Jamie Oliver and now I love Jools. :)

Have a lovely week.

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