Sunday, 2 February 2014

Hem - Phus phus skirt

Hi All,

Final step now. For full steps pls goto phus phus skirt steps.
How to hem skirt
 1. Fold wrong side together 1cm and press.
hem skirt tutorial
 2. Fold again the hem allowance (2 cm my case) and press.

 3. Back stitch first sew all around and then at end back stitch.
 4. Done. This is how it looks before ironing.

5. You can iron the skirt and finish it. I however decided to add a trimming at the hem (optional).
How to add trimming or lace to skirt
 6. Start with 3cm away from side seam leaving a tail of 5 cm trimming.
 7. Sew from the right side of fabric(its easy to see how much to leave). Dont need to pin here.
 8. After fully all round adding the trimming stop sewing at 3 cm away from side seam you started at and leave 5 cm tail of trimming.
 9. Now just pinch the 2 sides together so it correctly covers the 6 cm unsewn area
 10. Sew the 2 trimmings together vertically.

 11. Cut after the stitching line and again sew the 6cm you left over the hem edge.
12. Finish!!!

How to add trimming or lace to hem tutorial

 Hope you have enjoyed the tutorial and made a beautiful skirt. Let me know.


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  1. you skirt is beautifull! curious to see some more! do you have a follow button?

    1. Thank you. :) I'm yet to figure out to add any follow buttons. I'm new to blogging world! I made a few changes this week and just about to publish a post on the changes I made. Will surely try and figure out how to add the follow buttons. Thanks,Preethi.

    2. I now have a feed burner on the right side of the page to subscribe to the posts via email. I'm really glad you liked my blog. Thank you :)

  2. Cute little skirt, so beautifully sewed!! Just checked your other posts, You are super talented loving your cutie pie model who is wearing the skirts too :)

    1. Million thanks Divya for your kind comments. Thanks, Preethi.


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