Thursday 27 February 2014

Free Pattern - Pleated Poltam skirt with lining

Hi All, Below is pattern for a poltam skirt. Not really a pattern but more of maths and construction steps.

UPDATE: Video tutorial for this is available here -  pleated poltam skirt video tutorial - No lining

DIY any size Free Pleated skirt with lining free tutorial and pattern


Any size, any length
Pleated front
Gathered and elasticised back for a no bulk look.
Fully lined with front lining not gathered or pleated to avoid bulk.

Step 1: Supplies All supplies required are listed in poltam skirt supplies
Step 2: Calculate pattern pieces 
Video - Calculate pattern pieces
Clever online calculator to calculate the poltam skirt pieces. Just enter the waist and length required. All maths done!
The calculations is in cm. You can read my thoughts on cm or inches here
Step 3: Fabric shopping and thread shopping The fabric required is also available in the online calculator.  Just enter the fabric width in yellow. The bright green "fabric to buy in cm" shows the amount of fabric to buy.
Step 4:Wash and iron your fabric Don't forget this step as fabric shrinks a lot.
Step 5: Prepare to sew:

4.a: Wind the bobbin
4.b: Thread the machine and practice to sew straight line. Only straight line is all we will be sewing.
Step 6: Cut fabric, lining, elastic and interface
Video -  Cut fabric pieces
The amber fields in online calculator give the cutting options based on the fabric width you have bought. Here is how to cut fabric, lining, elastic and interface
Step 7: Sew
Video - Sew poltam skirt
7.a Make 3 tubes
7.b Gather and pleat
7.c Insert elastic and hem
Step 8: Iron Iron your skirt.
The tutorial is for dummies really(I'm myself one) - complete beginners with almost no knowledge on sewing. It starts from showing you how I thread the machine to have a beautiful skirt. I've only started to sew so I'm no expert but I can give you a complete beginner insight into my learning, my struggles and emphasize on points that were not obvious to me. This is how I made the skirt, if you find any mistakes or anything that shouldn't be done the way I have recorded here please let me know. I'll so be happy to hear from you, be criticized and correct myself. Just let me know. Thanks.

Some images from flickr are below:
Hope you find it helpful.

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  1. how come i never saw this particular pattern? great work, preethi. you have really simplified the steps so anybody can forrlow them with ease.

    1. Thanks Jaya. I'm battling for the next summer pattern - simplify like I'm doing or just prepare a mini tutorial.


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