Saturday, 1 February 2014

KCW - 3 skirts - flat front back elasticised skirt

Hi All, I made 3 skirts for KCW. Its my first ever KCW or for that matter any online challenge. I was deliberating 2 options - if I should make a simple tunic or a elasticised skirt and finally ended by making elasticised skirt rather skirts. This post is full of photos only - I'll soon try make a tutorial for this.

UPDATE: Full pattern and tutorial click  Phus phus skirt free pattern

All skirts use my favorite gathering method.
I've had 3 attempts before.
Flat front back elasticised skirt first attempt
Flat front back elasticised skirt second attempt
Flat front back elasticised skirt third attempt
Time taken: The one without lining took 3 hours and one with lining took 4 hours. I was also preparing the pattern along.

Making the pattern has been maths maths and maths really and a bit of window shopping at stores staring at garments to understand how things are put together. I love maths. It always used to be a competition at school - who would answer maths questions first on calculus and algebra. I used to be one of the first to answer.:)
Ok, I back to the photos.

 This one is with lining. Detailed photos of this below. It took 4 hours to complete this.
This took a little less than 3 hours to complete. To see detailed photos go here

This one took 3 hours to complete. I totally love this and it looks great as well.My daughter has the habit of pulling the skirt down below her tummy and these straps help prevent that.
Details photos here
Detailed photos of blue fully gathered skirt

I'll post more photos of the other skirts soon. Let me to figure out how to post pictures in KCW.

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  1. Thank you for the pattern of the great skirts. I am going to make at least 4 they will be for granddaughters ages 6 to 11 years old.
    I will send some pictures.
    Thanks Sandra


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