Saturday, 15 March 2014

Circle Dress - My first proper dress

Hi All,

I made this dress in January but have been so lazy to buy some buttons and then again lazy to sew them . So finally here it is of what I can call a proper dress. Sleeves are really really hard for me. I made one earlier and learnt some lessons. I've been making bits and pieces really and not a proper dress. I think this does qualify for a dress :)

It has a tie back,  low waist, neck bow, puff sleeves, circle skirt which didn't work out very well. :( The bodice and skirt pieces didn't match up while pinning, the skirt was much much larger than the bodice - it must have got stretched out or my calculations must have been wrong. So I cut the skirt at the seams and reduced the waist measurement by taking in at the sides.
The plaid doesn't match up at the sleeves as you can see. Will need to work on that next time.

Happy holi to you all. Enjoy your colours and have a safe one.

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  1. I like how your plaid dress turned out with all the fun details. Thanks for sharing :)


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