Friday, 21 March 2014

Video Tutorial - Poltam skirt

Hello people,

Today I have for you a video or rather 3 videos of the pleated skirt with no lining.
My gosh! it has been hard work. I was deliberating to take a video or not. I wasn't comfortable showing my hands or my face but I had to show hands at least :)
I don't know why I'm speaking super fast in the video as if I have to be somewhere.. it was just my heart racing I guess. I was using a tripod to shoot and could hardly make out if what I was showing was within the frame or not. I did take a few re shoots but couldn't go further than two.
The video is in different angles - sorry about that. Listening back to my own voice it is exactly same as my sis. It is like hearing my sis speak. :)

I hope at least one skirt is made with this video and I'm waiting to see one. If someone makes one please share it with me if you can.
I managed to sew this skirt in an hour. Yes, taking the video and sewing.

I have taken 3 videos. For full instructions please go to poltam skirt free pattern
Calculate your pattern pieces based on poltam skirt pattern piece calculation

Have a fun filled weekend.
I'll take some photos if I can of the skirt and post them tomorrow.

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