Wednesday 19 March 2014

Cape coat - most complemented

Hello ladies,

It can only be ladies right? I need to enable demographics on Google analytics to figure that out :)
Simple simple project I made in January. Used it everyday literally everyday.
So easy easy to sew - must have taken me half an hour (minus the buttons).
I used it in winter and now in spring. The best use was when seated in the car. With the thick stuffy coat I could hardly put on the car seat straps and daughter was also very uncomfortable. With this putting on the seat straps is breeze and it is so easy and comfortable. Totally love it.
And did I tell you this has been the most complemented (not in the online world, I mean in the real world).
The construction is simply like a circle skirt. Nothing too complex. 
I used contrast linen kind of lining material.  And this really did enhance the beauty of the cape.
Stitching cape coat
She took her brother's scooter out in the garden and was really struggling:) I didn't stop her. I wanted to take some pics and as long as she was engaged I was fine. And boy how busy was she!!

In just 2 months it already looks shorter. :)

It just goes with any dress.

Found some matching buttons :)
The collar as well came neat I think so.

Hope you liked what I made. Let me know if you have any comments or thoughts. :)


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  1. Absolutely gorgeous!! You are so creative... so good at what you do.....

    1. Thank you Ruth for such lovely words. What a start to the day :)

  2. the fabric choice is awesome! it looks absolutely model-worthy on her. great job!

    1. Oh thank you Jaya for the lovely words! :)

  3. Very pretty!! Love those pics ...great job :)


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