Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Gher skirt for my daughter's friend

Hi All,

UPDATE - For full instructions to make a Nirma skirt please go to NIRMA SKIRT FREE PATTERN.
I made this skirt for my daughter's friend. I was deliberating to make either a poltam skirt or a phus phus skirt and finally ended up making a altogether different one. This is for a 3 1/2 yr old. I put it on for my daughter who is nearing 2. Its of course long but swings so well. I just love it.
The gathering I used is my favorite gathering method for perfect gathers. Gher means flare in Hindi (Indian language) if you were wondering what is gher.
I think the top part of the skirt could be a bit longer though and please don't notice the black thread I used for the hem :) ran out of white thread.

It's a corduroy polka dots and the corduroy is really fine. Same kind of fabric I made the inverted pleat tunicdungaree and the circle skirt which I had a tough time fixing the twisted elastic which I blogged as well how I finally did.

Learning: I used a trimming and got it wrong the first time. I wanted to baste the trimming onto the top part of skirt before attaching the bottom part but after I basted and pinned the top and bottom the trimming went on the inside of the skirt. The facing of the trimming while basting is very important. The second time around I was turning the skirt inside out and pinning it a thousand times before basting it.
To put in the elastic I didn't use the method I used for poltam skirt or phus phus skirt. I tried a different method here. I pinned the elastic to the fabric at several places. While pulling the elastic I sew on top of the elastic. This is easy but could go wrong. But yes it produces perfectly evened out elastic just like poltam skirt or phus phus skirt and you don't need the middle and top sewing to be done. :)

I'm already planning a few more skirts in this style :)


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