Monday, 17 March 2014

Nirma skirt for colleague's daughter

Hi All, Hope you had a wonderful weekend. We had holi celebrations yesterday and had lots of fun. All celebrations fall here over the weekends :).

I made this cute nirma skirt that I made previously for my daughter (do check out the video in this) and for daughter's friend. I received lots of compliments when I put in on for my daughter and I couldn't stop blushing to say I made it. :)

I had thought of making either the phus phus skirt or the poltam skirt which are both available as free patterns but then settled on the nirma skirt.

For full instructions to make a Nirma skirt please go to NIRMA SKIRT FREE PATTERN.
 The fabric I is used is silky soft. Can't remember what it is called. Next time I go to the fabric shop I'll make a note. :) It twirls beautifully.

 The elastic I inserted in a different way this time - pinning elastic and fabric together and by pulling the elastic I sew along. Its really simple and quick but could go wrong and there is no way to try on to figure out if it fits or not. You would already need to know the measurements accurately. Now after making so many skirts I do :).

Have a good week.

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