Monday, 31 March 2014

Status Report Mar

Hi All,

Instead of me doing weekly status reports like before 11 mar or 5 Mar I thought it is better and easier for me to do a monthly report.  Yeah, I just couldn't handle weekly anymore. :)
Plan already down the drain, I know.

What did I do ON PLAN :

1. I finished the Nirma skirt pattern. I'm doing the final touch ups for the posts and photo editing.I've already posted some. You are going to love this. I'm also making a video. :) I hate my voice when I listen to thew videos. Please tell me about it when I post them. :)

2. I made a mini tutorial for the phus phus skirt. There were a few blogs referring to my tutorial but commenting that it is very elaborate and worth the effort. I thought why not do a mini tutorial for the more experienced who just want to glace.

3. I sew some Nirma skirtscolleague's daughter, for my daughter - video included     
daughter's friend

4. Sew a poltam skirt for daughter.

5. Posted some pending posts that I sew in Jan/Feb- beautiful circle dress, most complemented coat - people ask me where did you buy this. :)

6. First ever video tutorial - poltam skirt video tutorial

7. I set up google analytics and wow seeing statistics is just addicting. I get about 700+ views a day which I think is pretty good? Don't you think? I also got a peak of 3000+ views on one day. Really happy with that. Million Thanks to you all. :)
I need to work on the SEO bit now.

8. I set up markerly for all my pictures which was super simple. Totally love it.


1. I had planned to make a nightie for my daughter in readiness for summer but that has carried forward to April.

2. I had planned to make the phus phus skirt of any length just like the poltam skirt. Again carrying forward.

3. My blog used to load very slowly due to the size of the images. I've now modified that although I've a few pages pending.


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