Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Status Report 05 Mar

Hi Friends,

My status report:
1. The images on the I madeHow to and what is used to appear elongated on the phone. Corrected this by removing the length attribute.
2. The calculation sheets for poltam skirt online calculator and phus phus skirt online calculator had to be cleaned up as there were lot of unwanted calculations. Did that.
3. Sew a Nirma skirt for my daughter's friend. I'll tell you why I'm calling it nirma later :)
4. Got flickr images working to embed them into the pages just like poltam skirt flickr and phus phus skirt flickr
5. Completed the poltam skirt with full tutorial and sew 2.

Here is screen shot:

You can see the full February report here at plan vs progress
Hope you week is going well.

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