Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Status report 11 Mar

Hello people, yesterday was my status report day. Sorry for the delay.
So what did I do last week. Not much in terms of sewing. :( but have made good progress on the blog. :)
1. I sew nirma skirt for my daughter. Soon will be sharing the pics.
2. I'm making a pattern for the nirma skirt but I'm really struggling with laying of the pattern. Lot of maths involved there. There are so many options but I'm unable to draw out all the options.  Still trying. So that's in progress
3. I cannot do inches for the phus phus skirt or poltam skirt. Giving up on this one although planned. You read why cm or inches here.
4. I added social media buttons on all images. I'm loving them.
5. I've started to get quite some traffic these days. About 500 pageviews a day. it also went more than 1000 page views on a day last week. I'm really excited. I really really really hope it continues. Thank you so much.
Enjoy your week!

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