Friday, 14 March 2014

Nirma Skirt for my daughter - with video

FREE PATTERN :  Nirma skirt free pattern

Hi All, Hope you are having a great week. I'm endlessly making this skirt. I made one for my daughter's friend. I had to make one for my daughter. How can I not? :)  Also, a colleague of mine has been asking to make one for his daughter. I was planning on making the phus phus skirt but have now changed my mind to make the Nirma skirt. See the video below how it twirls. The fabric I used was jeans material and still look how it twirls. Next I'm making something of rayon. It will be great I know for sure.

I have to share these pics with you all. I cannot imagine that if such thick fabric can look so good then options are endless and with summer coming I'm already imagining this skirt flying away showing off the bloomers - I have to learn to make them though :).

I've put many more in flickr.
Have a super weekend!!

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  1. that is an adorable skirt! great work, preethi!

    1. Thank you so much jaya for your encouraging words.


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