Friday 31 January 2014

What is basting

Basting is to run a stitching line with the longest stitch length.(4 on my machine).

What is basting and why is it used

What is basting

 Uses are:
1. Temporarily hold the fabrics together before running the actual stitch. Its quick since it takes less time due to stitch length. I've used this for collars for a dress made for my daughter.
2. Temporarily hold the fabric to the zipper.  I've had not much luck with zips. Now that I've a new foot, I'll give it another so. You can see the post here - zipper foot not working
3Gathering You can see how basting rows of stitching helps in perfect gathers. - the gathering stitches are also called basting stitches.
4. Easing at the sleeves. Similar method of gathering is used to create ease at the top of the sleeves.

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