Sunday 26 January 2014

How to wind bobbin

Ok. I have to admit - I struggled a lot when I was learning to wind the bobbin. It took me a week to learn this - people who know to sew must be thinking - a week?? yes, I did. :) try it leave it try it leave it and it was getting very frustrating. I guess it is easy for people who have seen others sew or have grown up sewing. Since I was completely new to this I had to learn it the hard way. Actually there was only one step that I was missing. Read on and I'll show what what that one silly step was :)
In this blog I'm always trying to show what I struggled with so its easy for others. Hope it is useful.

This is part of Sewing basics series where I'm posting the real basics and wish I had known those little missing elements when I started couple of months back.

How to wind bobbin:

1. My machine came with a few empty bobbin which was handy. Get yourself a bobbin if you don't have one.

How to wind bobbin in sewing machine
2. Place the thread from which to wind to the bobbin on the thread spool pins in the direction shown.

Winding guide sewing machine
3. Wind the thread around the bobbin winding guide.

How to insert thread in bobbin
4. Pull the thread through one of the holes in the bobbin from the inside. There are holes on either side
Bobbin winding holder
5.Place the bobbin on the bobbin winding holder next to the thread spool.

Push bobbin direction

6. Push the bobbin right in the direction shown. This was something I didn't do or understand for a week and struggled to wind the bobbin. Sounds silly now :)
Sewing machine handwheel
7. Pull the hand wheel out.
 sewing machine power supply
8. Connect the sewing machine to power supply and switch it on.

How to wind bobbin in janome
7. Holding the thread from the bobbin press the foot control down slowly.

8. Just like accelerator of car slowly but steadily press the foot control. I've noticed that if you press a lot then the thread spool will start to wobble, so its best to be slow and steady.

bobbin thread how to wind
9. For the first say 10 windings around the bobbin I keep hold of the thread from the bobbin and after that leave it the wind itself.
janome sewing machine wind bobbin
10. Wind it full or how much ever required. Then stop pushing the foot control.
a. Bring the bobbin to the left position.
b. Push the hand wheel back.
c. switch the power supply off.

11. Cut the thread connected to the spool.
12. Cut the thread hanging out of bobbin hole and the bobbin is now ready to use.

Hope you find this useful?

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