Sunday, 5 January 2014

Summer dress stitched in autumn posted in winter

Garden dress with yoke and straps
This is another one I made with a slight variation from this. I added tucks on top bodice and pleats at hem just so I can learn them. 
Overall it turned out really good. I also added lace to it which looks nice.

Pattern : Variation of this.
1. The upper bodice was just a little too little. Need to make that bigger next time.
Pleated bodice
2. Pleats need to be longer to press well:  The pleats although very neat when pressed, it is a nightmare to press. I've pressed neatly a small length for photographs but you can see above that it is not pressed. How do you press such small pleats. Is there a technique. For now my learning is not to put such small length pleats.
3. Clipping : I still didn't know about any clipping, although now I do. I'll do a tutorial sometime.
UPDATE - Here is the tutorial on clipping, notching, curves, concave and convex

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  1. Hi preethi..loved your blog.....and it shows the amount of love and effort that goes in each dress of urs....

  2. pleats are far easier to press if you turn it inside out.
    iron the skirt flat as high as it can go (from the hem), then turn inside out and press from the waistline down,( just the tops).
    i usually make pleats all in one direction unless i am making something formal.
    making box pleats is a headache, but it looks so beautiful once its stitched!

    1. Thanks Jaya for the tip. Never occurred to press inside out.


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