Sunday, 12 January 2014

Flat front back elastic skirt

dupatta skirt
*UPDATE* - I've now created a pattern for this. Pls check phus phus skirt free pattern

Made this flat front back elastic skirt after 2 failed attempts. Will post the failed attempts soon. I used a dupatta that my childminder gave me that she didn't use. Quite pleased actually.

This was an improvement to my previous skirts. If you see the skirt below I have stitched at the top band of the skirt (just the fabric wrong sides together and not the elastic). This ensures that the elastic is in place inside and that is doesn't twist and also the fabric gathers over the elastic neatly. In fact I've seen skirts with a middle row of stitching running across the elastic but I wasn't confident to stitch on the elastic. Will definitely try another time


Pattern: I'd seen a few skirts in mothercare and wanted to replicate the same flat front with elastic back since they looked neat.

1. Interface waistband: Always interface the front waist band. Interface will retain the shape of the waistband and will avoid the wrinkles and collapsed shape as below. (I took the photo after it was worn and so it is even more wrinkled.)
 2. Finish hem: Hem is the finishing at the bottom of the skirt. I didn't bother to hem the skirt and used the finished dupatta hem. It doesn't look neat obviously.


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