Sunday 5 January 2014

Wanted a flowy dress

I tried to create a flowy dress but it is more flawy than flowy.
 I'd definitely shown you the process how I trace with existing clothes and how I cut them, but since there are far too many mistakes I don't think you want to know until I figure out the right way or my right ways of cutting and stitching.
This dress is used more like a nighty.

Pattern: Used this and added 2 more tubes of other sizes below.
1. Used flat sleeve method with 1 inch seam allowance (use lesser): I always used to keep larger seam allowances just in case but for arms and necklines it just doesn't work. The lengths vary considerably from the hole to the seam line and so it just mean more ripping sewing ripping sewing. I now use 1 cm seam allowance - Yeah sometimes my brain works in inches and sometimes in cm. I need to be consistent.
Since I used larger seam allowance I still got puckers.

2. Not proportionate - measure or look up charts:  I wanted a dress until the knees but never been able to measure my daughter and so just held the dress while cutting and sewing and saw if it will be OK. Of course not. So even if I cant measure I'd definitely look up some standard charts for lengths.
3. Very deep U cut at the hem. Cut a slight U:  If you notice below I cut a very deep U and it looks quite funny.
4. Neckline binding not neat:  I took it easy because it is not going to be seen but when you hold the dress since the front neckline is deeper the neckline binding is visible. Pay closer attention to finishing seams that will be seen when the dress is held.
You can find that that most tops in retail have a different color binding at neckline on the back. It just enhances the look when seen hung or online although it wont be seen when worn.


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