Thursday, 2 January 2014

Hello World!

Hi All,

I'm from IT background and when you first learn to program in a new language you are always taught to write a Hello World program so here it is Hello World!. I'm very new to blogging and so not yet/very comfortable sharing any of my details. I know  that the online world doesn't like anonymous people but.. I just think it might be one of those passing things like many I've had and will just give up. I dont know. I generally have a 1 year hobby thing. If this lasts for more than a year I'll be really thrilled and I just hope it will because I'm totally totally loving it.

This blog is a log for me to take notes in a structured way so I can refer back whenever I want to and still be able to understand. I've never had a dairy or scrap book in my life, lets see how far this goes.


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