Sunday, 5 January 2014

Sleeves are complicated - Learn from my mistakes

Never thought sleeves were this complicated.
I always thought of it as a tube with a curve in front.
Oh god I literally struggled with this one.
My childminder gave me 3 fabrics that she didn't want and wanted me to trial with them, this is one of them.
It has some iron marks now on them. I haven't added any buttons as its only used at home and the neck is also quite high.
 Pattern: Traced a dress pattern of my daughter. This time on fold. See the different armhole sizes learning in my previous post here
I also like the way I've aligned the center front to have a long fabric embroidery running. Also importantly I gave very specific attention to both left and right upper body pieces. The embroidery there aligns well too.

1. Always baste sleeves: I sewed the shoulders and side seams first and then sewing in the sleeves. Firstly it was a nightmare to get to sew such small sleeve with such a tiny arm hole. And I was always ending up in puckers. I unpicked twice and this was the third time with lot less puckers. I pressed it to try adjust but it was a big one. Couldn't do anymore so just finished it. At least now I'm able to show you.
I'm going to use the flat sleeve method which is easy. See the difference between the 2 methods here

2. Use smaller seam allowance: Smaller seam allowance in curved areas make it easy to handle and curve along as you sew.
3. Larger opening in front : You can see the front opening for buttons is really small and it is quite a struggle to get this through the little ones head. I need to soon learn longer button plackets or just full length buttons (which is easy) or learn the zipper.

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