Sunday, 5 January 2014

First dress - tea towel

This is my first dress I made in in Sept after I got my machine. I had to learn to thread the machine. Didn't have a clue about bobbin - only heard the rhyme "wind the bobbin up". Had bought some thread online and was looking for fabric. Before I could find any fabric shop or buy it online the machine arrived. So I used 2 new tea towels I had, yes tea towels.
Sorry about the photos. The light is so poor these days, I took the photos in the morning before the kids woke up.
tea towel dress

II was really pleased how it turned out. I made it for my 18m old daughter. I just put it on once and it was winter.

Inner construction:
Why to clip

Pattern used:
I had a old dress of 6-9 months that I tried to create.

1. Never use tea towels: They fray a lot and very difficult to handle.
2. Uneven Straps: The straps looks awful. Neither they are cut properly not a consistent seam allowance is used.
3. Clipping around armholes: Problem: gathered fabric around armhole.

I had no clue about clipping curves and corners. I'll show you in future how I do now. For now I'm just showing my mistakes.
UPDATE -  Here is a tutorial on clipping, notching convex and concave curves

4. Use half of body front from center as a pattern: You can see from the image that one armhole is bigger than other. It is because I just put the whole tracing dress of my daughter on top of tea towel and traced around. Obviously didn't trace right. If you fold the tracing dress in half and then use it for both left and right you'll get even armholes and sides and all else on both left and right sides.
Fold fabric when cutting to get symmetrical
UPDATE - Here is how to cut on fold
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  1. LOL that is a cute diagram , made me laugh.
    beginner sewing is so adorable!

    1. haha.. Look where I was last year. I didn't know you could cut on fold :)


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