Sunday, 5 January 2014

Circle Skirt

Circle Skirt - I'm in love with this. This was my second sewing project ever and I finished within 2.5 hrs. Cutting and sewing. I was really pleased. I've been thinking about it longer though.

I used this skirt tutorial as it was quite clearly instructed.
It is not exactly same because I didn't use the visible elastic way since I didn't have a coloured elastic;
the white elastic looked a bit undone to me.

I zigzag stitched the hem and turned wrong sides together and stitched. It was fairly easy.

Pattern : Here

1. Measure and cut accurately: It is really difficult to get this skirt in for my daughter. It is really tight around the bums to pull through. Once in it looks great. Such a fitted garment works first if there is zipper of button fastening along the length of skirt.(a small opening or full length)

I used the tutorial for sewing instructions and used my own judgement to cut.
It was a bit of maths to cut the pattern but measurements need to be right first.

UPDATE -  Learnt 4 ways to hem circle skirt
UPDATE - How to insert no twist elastic elastic in less than a minute
UPDATE - Efficient ways to cut circle skirt


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