Sunday, 19 January 2014

Flat front back elastic Second try

*UPDATE* - I've created a pattern for this. Pls check  Phus Phus skirt free pattern

So this was my second try to flat front back elastic skirt. Sorry I'm posting in reverse and I haven't yet posted my first try. It was a disaster. You can see my third attempt of flat front back elastic skirt. I'm happy with the way my third one has turned out.

This looks great but when worn not so much.

For the back elastic I stitched it on one side of side seam with a safety pin attached to other end. After I sew the waistband to the skirt with a small opening I then pulled it to other end of side seam and stitched on top of skirt and elastic. I should better do a tutorial for this with pictures, although I'm now thinking of another easy way. :)

The front still looks good.

Have a look at the back. First its not neat and second the way it gathers around the back is not even. I have found a solution to this.
1. First stitch the top part of the waistband close to the edge before inserting elastic like I did with cirle skirt and flat front elastic back skirt. I topstiched the skirt after inserting elastic in former and before in latter. I'd do it before.
2. Follow step 3 to stitch in middle like circle skirt elastic fix

The elastic at the back keeps turning up. I don;t know why this happens. Can you help?

UPDATE - My new  phus phus skirt is sewn in such a way that it doesn't turn. :)
I did try to fix the back using the phus phus skirt stitching in the middle of elastic but couldn't. More on this post - Tried fixing turning of elastic at the back .


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