Monday 20 January 2014

Cm or inches?

Sewing metrics - Cm or inches

I've been wondering whether to use cm or inches for my measurements. Most of the online resources use inches for measurements. As long as it is in whole numbers I'm fine but when it starts talking on 1/8th 5/8th of an inch I get lost. I've always used cm in my school and college except for height of a person for some reason. Or atleast I only remember using cm.
I thought I should be using cm for 2 reasons :
1. Being from India and brought up using metric systems I dont understand nor get an idea of sizes in inches. 5 cm and I immediately can picturise the length.
2. My computer doesn't understand 1/8th or 5/8th of wn inch or may be I dont know to instruct it. Decimals looks easy and simple to me and the computer.

Which do you prefer? Cm or inches?

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  1. Cm, as a Belgian, we use the metric system too

  2. Being American, I prefer inches. I love this skirt, but I'll need to covert cm to inches. I'll also need to study how you did the waistband and elastic.

  3. I prefer inches too being American But considering the rest of the world uses the decimal system it's time we got with the program lol. I am more than happy to use cm and convert it to inches being you are kind enough to offer your pattern to all at no charge. Thank you so much!


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