Monday, 26 May 2014

Little girl tunic with lining

We have been really busy moving house. It is very close to the current one - just that it is smaller for more price!! I hate it that the kitchen is small and I have to downsize now. We have almost finished moving but are still living in boxes, the kitchen especially. We have either eaten out or in friends places for the last 1 week. The children are having fun tearing up boxes and scattering things all around. Gosh!! I really need to pull myself together and get the mess and the boxes and me sorted :)
Until then enjoy a tunic I made for my daughter about a month back. Notice that it has no visible seams. I'm turning into one of them who has started to give a lot of attention to the inside of the dress.
The outside of the dress is for people but the neat inside of the dress is what really makes me happy. I know what's the point you say!! until you start sewing I say :)
Fabric is a dupatta left over after this skirt project - Flat front back elastic phus phus skirt third try.
girl Tunic
 Sorry, should have pressed it.
girl Tunic
 The neck isn't that neat I agree.
girl Tunic
 Here comes the inside of the dress. Isn't that cool? No seams at the sleeves??
girl Tunic
 Super I say :)
Girl Tunic
 The lining was some leftovers of another project. I turned the hem on the same sides of the outer fabric but you could do reverse.
Sleeves for tunic

Bad exposed photos. Sorry about that.
If ever I make a tunic tutorial this neat inside is the one :)

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  1. It has come out really good Preeti! We perfectionists feel slightest mistake as a blunder, I do the same with my works... :) But, it is the way to learn to be perfect, right? I remember, I have sewn some sari blouses almost similarly as you have finished this tunic :) Will post it sometimes :)

    TC! Keep smiling :)

    The Arts & Me

    1. Hi Sindhu, would love to see what you have created. I really like the clean finish with this technique.


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