Monday, 9 June 2014

Sewing with kids around!

Whats going on you think.
House move, had no internet - let's say bad or very bad internet and I still need to buy a sewing table. *sad face*
We have been alternating between furnished and unfurnished house every year. We go to an unfurnished house buy all furniture and either we have to move or the house owner wants the house back. The next thing we know is we have inadvertently liked a furnished house.  Give all the furniture away!
So here we are in the 5th house in 5 years in an unfurnished house trying to furnish it.

In between all of this chaos of house move, address change, packing, unpacking, you see this - Well, this could be either funny or scary depending on you!!

I had to control my miiind to take one direction - either laugh or scream and I was doing both - imagine that. There were about 6-7 flowers made on the guest bed with the pins(master minded by my son with my daughter's assistance) and as I quickly started to clear out I thought I could a take a photo of this.. I can show it to them when they are older, may be I thought.
There also were a couple of more eraser's full of pins that I cleared out. Now when I look back it brings a smile. Aren't they cute!

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  1. Moving house is interesting as well as difficult! If everything happens as you have planned, well and good! If your packer and mover doesn't keep up his words, it is too bad! But still, vacating a house is connected to emotions and setting a house is to sharpen your creativity.. Hope you settle down soon!

    The Arts & Me

    1. Hi Sindhu, sorry missed your comment. True.. I hate to move.. really..We now have almost settled in our house. Lots of stuff still in boxes though. :) Cant seem to find most things and we are ending up buying things that we already have but don't know where they are :)


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