Monday, 5 May 2014

First time Trousers rather shorts - Love it!!

I had these lovely trousers of my daughter which must have been 6 months size but my daughter has worn it until one and half yrs. Put them to full use really!! :) The length was three quarters and the fit was perfect when she was one and half. Now that she is two it doesn't fit her over the waist. So I thought why not trace around to make a fitted trouser. I had little pieces of left over fabric from poltam skirt and this nirma skirt gift which I thought would be perfect to try out. I thought I did have the fabric for three quarters but after I started to cut I realised - No. :) But now that I had made up my mind to sew there was no looking back.
The one to the left is what I made and one to the right is what I traced from and just made the waist part and the thighs a bit wider (cut and spread method)
sew trousers
sew trousers sew trousers
These photos are about a year back. We had been to butlins. Heaven for children it was!!
And these are the inspiration for my polka dots trousers.

sew trousers
sew trousers
Love how neat the back has turned out.
 Sorry about the mess and the balloons all around. Its the only way I can take some photos.
I bought this button just because I liked it and bought the fabric after but they have come as a perfect match.
The most difficult part of the trouser was the fly. I got it wrong twice. And the third time I got it wrong with the left and right sides but didn't bother to correct it :)
sew trouser
 I have put them on for a holiday this year as well - and that was again to bultins :)

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