Saturday, 10 May 2014

Aanchi nightie Pattern Supplies

Hi All, here is the list of supplies you need to sew Aanchi nightie. I've included where I've bought each one.
Breadth of fabric minimum - 87cm and length depends on how long you want. Just hold the fabric against your little girl to determine how much fabric you want to buy.

Bias tape  - 80cm 
Sewing supplies nightie pattern Aanchi

Sewing Machine

I have a Janome basic sewing machine- Janome J3-18 Sewing Machine. It has  straight stitch, zig zag stitch, applique stitch and comes with a buttonhole foot which is very handy.
Scissors I had the little one and the larger fabric shears I bought - 5 Star Tailors Shears 210mm
Measuring tape Sewing / Tailors Tape Measure 150cm - PINK
Seam ripper Came with Gutermann Sewing Thread Kit. Can't live without this.
Pins Hemline Coloured Plastic Headed Pins, 34mm, Value Pk of 200
Thread Real cheap one - WMA 24 Assorted Colors Polyester Sewing Thread-Pack of 24 (does the job for me, breaks at times - a very good value for the kind of projects I'm doing) and other Gutermann (really strong but expensive) Gutermann Sewing Thread Kit  
Bobbin 4 came with sewing machine
Fabric Bought them from local fabric shop - Fabricland
Tailors chalkTailor's Chalk Triangle - Set of 3 Red, White, Blue

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