Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Summer I missed

What am I missing the most due to a summer move of the house? Veggies in the garden. No, really!
I totally love growing veggies. Have been growing them since 4 yrs now and had to give it a miss this year. Last year I didn't have the garden space to grow since it was neatly lawned but that didn't stop me from growing in pots and growbags. Peas in pods - who doesn't love the sweet juicy peas. I bought some podded peas last year after my peas had done harvesting and my son said - these are not sweet like our garden peas.
I thought I should post some pics of the summer last year, our bountiful harvest that we distributed to everyone close. The dress I made is blogged here.
I grew tomato varieties -  gardner's delight,  sungold, ferline, money maker, sun cherry, black cherry, tumbling tom, alicante, golden sunrise, beefsteak  - there will be more that I can't remember.
Summer dress harvesting tomatoes
 She helped pick the tomatoes for dinner everyday. 
Mixed vaieties tomatoes
 Look at the colours
gardner's delight,  sungold, ferline, money maker, sun cherry, black cherry, tumbling tom, alicante, golden sunrise, beefsteak
 Bursting with flavour
gift home grown veg
All friends got a bag each of tomatoes.
black tomatoes and sungold
 Have you ever seen a black tomato? No they are not rotten. :)

tomaotoes not perfect but they are mine
 They are not perfect but they are mine.
beef steak tomatoes
 Beef steak tomatoes. Rasam (Indian dish) made with these were too good.
Real tomatoes
 Real tomatoes.
Cherry tomatoes
Bee on sunflower
 Son had a bought a sun flower seed from school. It grew thrice my height. Notice the bee on it.
pea shoots
Peas - I just used the dry seeds that I soak and make curry with. They were perfectly sweet. Well, the kids hardly allowed to plump up, can't blame them - they were irresistibly sweet.

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  1. beautiful pictures Preethi! I can understand a gardener's feelings... I miss my native every time I see my little plants in the pots...

    The Arts & Me

    1. So much pleasure everytime you see something grow. Peas you can see literally grow every hour.


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