Sunday, 29 June 2014

Summer dress second try

Do you want to have the summer dress pattern? I hope you do and I hope to release it before the summer ends. Doesn't matter to people from India, South India where I belong because its summer every day of the year. One of my customer from work had come to visit India office from Germany and every morning he used to say "What a bright and beautiful day". By the end of the week he realised every day is a beautiful day in India, and this dress can be worn everyday in India that is South India. In north India or where it is cold, you could just cover up with a jumper. But if it get's really cold you'd want to put a t-shirt and tights inside but what's the point if you can't show off those little chubby arms and cute back. Isn't it? :)
Summer dress girl free pattern

girl free pattern with fitted bodice and elastic back
 Yeah, she's got colour on her face from the painting she was doing earlier.
tie back summer dress

yoke summer dress with straps

frock free pattern with straps

tier frills dress free pattern

tie back tier dress free pattern

How to get a fitted bodice with elastic back

tie back elastic dress

Quick 3 Tier Ruffle Dress Tutorial For A Little Girl
 Looking to see if it's clean enough for her to sit.
3 Tier Ruffle Skirt

3 Tier dress epattern
 Was just getting a wee bit cold, so put on a jumper.
3 Tier dress straps epattern

dress up summer dress
 The not the right button, does it matter.
summer dress

Husband loved the dress, has never complimented any of creations before and I was feeling really wow, but then I realised it was only because he chose the fabric. :)

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  1. Yes I really want the pattern ! The dress is beautiful ! Congratulations !

    1. Thank you. :) I hope to purchase some fabric this week to make the tutorial.

  2. Dress is pretty so is the kid.Congrats!

  3. Cute dress, and I think the color on her face makes the pictures that much more realistic. No one's kids are perfectly perfect all the time. I like to see mothers who show it how it really is - messy. :) Nice job.

    1. Thanks Kelly. I feel the same although sometimes I'm in awe of those perfect clicks but I know what the mums have gone through to get them. :) When I see real photos with real surroundings I feel connected with it.

  4. lovely!! Can't wait to make this! Shared on FB, and pinned. thanks for linking up to Create Link Inspire. Emily

  5. Replies
    1. I'm starting to make the tutorial. Won't be long. :)

  6. Lovely print Preethi, I love the fabric you choose a lot! BTW, when will you give us a chance to see your daughter's beautiful face?

    The Arts & Me

    1. Thanks Sindhu. You might have a lot more variety there in India with indian prints. Would love to sew with traditional indian fabrics. Face, hmm.. Sindhu, I don't know if its the right thing or not :)


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