Sunday, 20 July 2014

Vintage Girl Dress

Vintage girl summer dress, well I thought it was a little vintagy especially because of the polka dots, but its just a modification of the  Mela summer dress.
Loved the complements we got on this one - Notice the WE :) and I loved it too. Totally!
This post is full of photos, sorry I couldn't choose any less amongst the nearly 100 I took. You read it right! Allow me and I'll post all 100. Every angle the dress looks beautiful. When did I learn to boast what I've done. :) Feel so satisfied with this one. :)
Have to show you the inside of the dress as well. Not a single seam seen. Yes, not a single - all seams are hidden. I'll take some more and show you.

Vintage girl dress

Love this photo - the back lighting emphasizing the back.

Circle skirt dress with bodice finished with bias

Vintage dress cross back

Sewing Pattern:

I used the Mela summer dress free pattern for this. I elongated the bodice, elminated the elastic back.
Added a full circle skirt. I've made about 20 circle skirts up until now and let me tell you I've found circle skirts the most difficult to finish.

Sewing problems and learning:

1. Circle skirt bias hanging problem:

Difficult fabrics tend to hang on the bias differently. What I mean is that any dress or skirt sewn on the bias has a tendency to hang or elongate on the portions that is hanging on the bias. By hanging I mean the skirt or dress area falling towards ground due to gravity.
So I hung the wet rather drenched dress 24 hours, hoping it will drop or hang but after 24 hours when I measured it it didn't seem to have hung. Well I don't have a mannequin and by no means can I measure it on my model daughter if it was equidistant from waist to hem. If I measure it manually, the angles can't get right and also due to the elastic on the back it was making matters worse to measure. 
Got an idea with this. Whilst cutting it, I'll insert pins where I need to measure after finishing the bodice and waistband.
Wonder how they do it commercially?  Would they need to have some maths that this type of fabric with hang or drop by this cm so would they cut the pattern shorter on the bias by that cm? Let me know anyone please?
Circle skirt cut on bias hanging problem

2. Circle skirt hem finish: 

Steam Iron magic

Curved full circle skirt how to  finish
I've used double fold to finish the circle skirt and I'm really pleased. This is the best finish I've had for a curved hem. I recently bought a new iron - a steam ironRowenta DW6010 Eco Focus Steam Iron, I'd suggest you all to buy a steam iron. You can skip step d on this. Save some time :)

3. Matching threads and preparation with bobbin thread.

In several photos you can see here I ran out bobbin thread and the matching thread as well. Just being overly lazy. I used matching thread on top and managed with white bobbin thread but it's not always you can manage - many times you would need to finish from the wrong side. When will I learn?

4. Attaching circle skirt with straight waistband:

I used my tutorial of sewing curved seams. In a circle skirt the stitching line across the waist is larger than the cutting line curve. How do I make the cutting curve same as stitching curve? clip clip clip!!
Simple? I got this perfect here.


Fitted bodice circle skirt

Circle skirt with elastic back

Full circle skirt dress

Round cutting skirt

Girl circle dress sewing problems

Circle skirt insert elastic

Full flare dress

prom dress

Tie back dress girl

Straps dress with circle skirt

Girl beautiful dress

Polka dots circle skirt dress

Have a great week!

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  1. Lovely dress Preethi! I would congratulate your patience to learn sewing yourself and trying to understand the difficulties with each fabric and pattern. Understanding problems is a must to solve it.

    TC! Keep smiling :)

    1. Thanks Sindhu. I'm totally loving it and a little mad about it :). Fabrics and their behavior is amazing me everyday.

  2. Your talent amazes me ! Every day you post a new project that inspires me even more than the previous one ! On the other hand, I've just started a regular Mela dress... I need time ! And with my job and my 2 kids, I don't have time ! Please slow down ;-)

    Solene, your French friend

    1. Solene, Thanks very much. You got me smiling :)
      Finish off your Mela dress, pls show me. Would love to see. After that I've a super simple variation of the Mela - Instead of 3 tiers just use one long tier. Could work as a top or a dress. Sounds like I'm teasing :)

  3. I love this bright and cheery Summer dress! Reminds me of the days when I used to make cute little outfits for my little one. She is all grown up and it is only mending now! I like the beautiful design on the backside of this dress. Great job!

    1. Thanks Sridevi. It is so much fun making these little dresses, isn't it. :)

  4. This is really very cute and the pattern is very new(for me atleast). Love this so much and want to make one for my Grand daughter...

    1. Thanks so much Mahalakshmi ji. It looks really cute.. Many have asked me where I bought this one. :) I modified the summer dress pattern to make this one. I did see your comment on making a curve on the bodice but couldn't understand where to curve it. Please can you explain? Thanks.

  5. “It’s not about the dress you wear, it’s about the life you lead in the dress". Fashion for each

  6. Do you have a video tutorial for this? I have the free pattern, have a circle skirt pattern I could use, but the back looks like of tricky and the free pattern only had 1 piece with it.


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