Sunday, 13 July 2014

Sew skirt and join bodice

Let's aim to finish the skirt today! We are almost there. Promise.
Have you sewn the summer dress bodice yet? If not please do.

For the FREE PATTERN download with full step by step instructions refer Mela Summer dress free pattern.

Steps to sew indian summer dress
Tier 2 and tier 3
1. Take the "2 front" and back and "3 front" and back pieces.
I refer a lot of 1 front and 2 back etc. Refer this link to know which piece I'm talking about
2. Sew right sides together and finish the raw edges using a serger or if like me you don't have one use a zig zag stitch
Join binding ends
3. To the "3 front" and "3 back" tube that we created, choose one of the longer ends as border and start to sew the binding to the wrong side as shown. If the binding is not enough, leave a 5cm tail before back stitching. Take the new binding and pinch together, mark the lines.
How to join bias binding ends
4. Sew the ends together

5. Press flat the opening and continue to sew.
Sew layers together layered dress
6. Now its time to attach the  tier 2 to the tier3. Mark the center and quarter points. Gather the tier 3 and right sides together attach tier 2 and 3. For full tutorial please refer How to create perfect gathers
Layer 2 stitched with layer 3
7. This is how it looks. Now again gather tier 2
How to stitch to join bodice with skirt
8. Now its time to attach tier 2 to tier 1.
Right sides together
9. This is how to attach it right sides together.

How to sew bodice to gathered skirt
10. A closer view

layered dress tutorial
11. There it is!!
Ends of bias tape
12. Now its time for the shoulder straps.Fold over the smaller raw edge wrong sides together
How to seal raw edges of bias tape
13. Fold the longer sides inwards.
Fold bias tape
14. Fold again to seal the raw edges.
How to sew bias tape to make straps
15. Sew over. Do the same for the shoulder straps accordingly to lengths provided.
16. For the loops cut two 7 cm each.
How to make loops of bias tape
17. Pin as shown
How to attach loops for straps
18. Pin it a third away from the side seam, not on elastic but below it.
zig zag stitch for straps
19. Use small zig zag stitches.
How to attach straps
20. Sew the straps on the points marked in the epattern
Stitch loops to bodice
21. Sew the loops
Indian summer layered dress
22. This is how it looks. I tie a knot so the straps don't come out of loop.
Indian summer layered dress how to stitch
23. Done!
Summer dress mela
24. Iron it
Inside of dress
25. This is how the inside looks.

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  1. Easy to follow instructions Preethi... It is a nice photo-instruction post!

    I expected some cute pictures of your daughter wearing this cute dress... Anyways, TC! Keep smiling :)

    1. Hi Sindhu, I had another post to show off the pictures. Will post it now. :)

  2. This dress is just soooo pretty!! Thank you for the clear instructions. Hope to be making one soon for my daughter. I love all the pictures of your daughter in them. They are so gorgeus!!

    1. Thanks so much.. Hope you have made one :)


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