Saturday, 5 July 2014

Video - Bias tape maker or pins to make bias tape

I recently bought myself a bias tape maker - wonder why I didn't buy it earlier. Simple tools just make life so easy, yet you tend to put it off for later. I don't sew an awful lot so why spend on tools. Right? Same here.. I don't own any fancy foots, tools, cutting board, curves nothing. I own a simple sewing machine and a regular and buttonhole foot that has come along. I could as well survive without this bias tape maker, it was just that spur of the moment at the fabric shop that I bought it.  I made them using pins before that.
How to make bias tape with bias tape maker or without using pins

Below is a video showing both how I make them now using the bias tape maker and using pins like how I did earlier. I didn't take the video using my camera so its not very clear, not that I take good videos.. can't figure out how to focus or rather not focus at all. I'm really bad at videos but thought it gives a clear motion view especially with the pins.

I used the bias tape maker to make bias tapes for the two summer dresses - made of lawn fabric & another one.
Before that I made then using pins for a flowy dress on which the summer dress will be based on,  nightie and this  sleeved dress.

Have a good Sunday!

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  1. Very useful tutorial Preethi :) M sure it will help many to save a lot of time!

    The Arts & Me

  2. Hi Preethi
    Wonderful tutorial I dint know both ways now learnt from ur blog... By the way where to get the bais tape maker in India?

  3. Awesome tutorials!! Thank so much.

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