Thursday 10 July 2014

Download epattern and cut fabric for summer dress

Before we start, you'd need to know
- What is fold, grain
- What is bias, selvage
Click on the above link if you need a refresh.

This is part of the sewing series for the Summer dress FREE PATTERN with full step by step instructions for Mela Summer dress free pattern

Save it to your computer.  Open in Adobe Reader. File->Print.
Select "no scaling" or "100% scaling" or "actual size"  before printing. After you have printed measure the 4cm * 4cm with your scale or measuring tape to ensure it is printed correctly.

If you don't have a printer like me then use my way to print it off the screen -  trace the pattern off the screen.

If you need to brush up on what is fold or grain refer this tutorial


Below is the measurements for the skirt tiers.
Summer dress measurements girl

To lay the rectangles onto the fabric here is the layout. If there is any pattern on the fabric make sure they are seamless when you join the front pieces to the back.

Cutting layout summer dress

For the binding cut it as below. I'll also show the way I did it. The one cut on the bias is for the bodice. Rest are for straps and skirt hem. They don't need to be cut on the bias. Just saves me buying lots of fabric for the binding. I recommend you read full explanation of bias showing handloom photos to see why and where one would need to cut on the bias.
If your main fabric is very lightweight then you may want to interface the fabric just like we did for the phus phus skirt or you could you some of your binding fabric if that is thick enough like we did for the this dress or this very light weight fabric.
The lengths for the elastic and binding are below. You don't need to join the straightgrain binding now. We'll do it at the time of sewing
Measurements summer dress trimming
Layout to cut is below:
Bias binding cutting for the summer dress
 Fold the corners over to make a square and mark it.
How to cut on bias for bias binding
 Since the bias binding tape I'm using needs 3.6 cm strips, I'm measured 1.8 cm on both sides of the line drawn and cut it.
Bias tape maker how to use
 I used a bias binder using my tutorial. In the same video I also show how to make it without bias tape maker.
With all strips make the binding ready to use. The smallest of them I'm sure would be for the straps be it any size. So measure and cut the straps.
I don't measure and join for the binding on the skirt. I just join whilst sewing the skirt hem.
That's it for today. All cut and ready to sew.

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  1. Nice post Preethi, I think the trims dimension chart is very useful one! Best wishes... TC! Keep smiling :)

  2. One question Preethi : Is seam allowance included on your pattern ? On bodice ? On Tiers ? If it is included how much ? 1,5 cm ? 2 cm ? Thank you in advance for your answer.

    1. All seam allowances are 1.5 cm. The bodice towards the neck though has no seam allowance since it is finished with bias binding. The bodice towards the skirt and all the tiers have seam allowance included. You'd need to cut the fabric just on the pattern. Hope it clarifies and thanks for asking I'll make it clear in the instructions.

  3. Thank you ! 1.5 is perfect for me ! I can't wait to show you the result ! I also want to show you the nirma skirts I made : one for my daughter and one for her doll ! She loves them !

    1. Please please please show me. I'm dying to see. Please mail me some pics at widicreations(at)yahoo(dot)com.

  4. Very nice instructions..keep up your good work Preethi.... I aslo stich dresses and you can visit my blog and give your comments.. The ID is

    1. Thanks so much. You have lovely blog, love the embroidery work you do. May be one day I'll develop these skills. :) Thanks.

  5. When I tried to print this pattern I got only one page? It looks like the bodice piece. How do I get the rest?? I really want to try this dress but I am lost without a pattern... help!

    1. the rest of the pieces are cut according to the chart given. That will give you the bodice back and the skirt sections.

  6. Hi Prithi,
    Thanks so much for your pattern, I've now made three dresses using your pattern. I'd like to send you photos, what is the best way?
    BTW, I've found all three sizes (2T, 3T and 4T) quite long on my grand-daughters. Admittedly they are all at the lower end of the height ranges you've shown in your Standard sizing, but the dresses are nearly ground length on them. For two of them they aren't going to wear them much till Christmas, so they may have grown a bit by then, but for the middle one, I have taken an extra 8 cm off the length by taking in an extra 2 cm on each of the two bottom seams. (I haven't cut the excess off, I figure I'll be able to unpick it as she grows.) Next I'll try the one without the layers as it will be easier to adjust the length.

    1. Hi Mary, Yes please you should try the easier version too.. Please can you send me the photos at widicreations at yahoo dot com. I'll be delighted to see them. Thanks so much.

  7. Hi I like your pattern but couldn't download it .Is there any other link?

  8. This pattern is so perfect and cute. I tried to download but it's not available anymore? Is another way to access the pattern?

  9. Thank you Preethi for this beautiful dress. It's really gorgeous!
    I would love to attempt to make it for my daughter but the link for the pattern no longer works. Would you mind sending it to me?
    Thanks so much!

  10. I also can not download this great looking pattern. please let me know how to get this pattern. Thanks in advance

  11. The link on this page is still broken, Prithi. However for people who haven't found it via one of your other pages the link is here. Thanks for restoring it.
    I'm just about to finish my fourth one using this pattern - I'll send a pic when it's done.

  12. Hello,
    The same for me, the linked doesn't work.
    Is it possible to make it usable?
    I find this dress great and I really would like to sew it for my 2 daughters.
    Thank you ;)

  13. hiya! Would love to make for my teeny tiny sister, but when i use the link there is only one piece? maybe just the first page?

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