Monday, 7 April 2014

Nirma skirt Cut fabric - video

Hi All,

As part of the series of posts for creating the super twirly nirma skirt today I show how to cut the fabric in the most optimum way.

How to cut circle skirt

After calculating the nirma skirt pattern pieces, it also shows you the cutting option in the far right. For me it is 3a. The calculation is based on size and the fabric width that you have or plan to buy.
The cutting layout also shows how to lay the pattern to cut it.
Late been using the super easy and simple picmonkey to create collage and edits instead of gimp. Totally loving it.

Today I'll show you how to cut option 3a. The rest are half circles and is very straightforward.
Here is the video.

Have a great week! I have lots of posts coming up this week and next. So stay tuned :)

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