Saturday, 26 April 2014

nightie - first try

Thanks all who said they wanted to see the next free pattern-  a nightie. I'm learning to make an epattern and you can see how I'm  getting along here.

The one that I'm showing below is done by just tracing around one of the t-shirts of my daughter as the ePattern is not yet ready.
Well I know it is meant to be a nightie and I'm supposed to make it longer. :) But that is all the fabric I had and I really wanted to get started. The light blue is lining left over from the phus phus skirt and the dark blue is the lining left over from poltam skirt.

I used the breadth of the fabric and there is no side seams. One less (or rather 2 ) work to do. :)
Even the yoke to the body attachment is all hidden. It came out really neat, sorry I didn't iron before taking a photo.
Attaching the trimming - oh go it wrong once and after finishing I realised I did another mistake. Scroll down to see.

You can see in the above photo the trimming has gone under the fabric. I sew the trimming on the right side before attaching the shoulders - what was I thinking. Learning!!
Should have got a close up photo to show you.

Once I finish the ePattern then I'll make another one. I've a half meter fabric. Will try with that and perfect the body and then I can then add length later :)

Have a good Sunday!!

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  1. Very cute kids r already asking me to make one (each)...:))

    1. Thanks Mayuri. How old are they? I'm planning to release 2 yr pattern first and then grade it which will be another learning for me :)


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