Thursday, 10 April 2014

Nirma skirt - 4 ways to hem

For all the different types of finishing the circle skirt, I've created a separate post which is more generic - 4 ways to hem circle skirt.
You can use any of the methods, my favorite is the double fold method which I'm going to show you here as well as the tutorial was only using miniature fabric pieces.
I've also finished the hem in the most simple zig zag finish method for the nirma skirt that I finished well under 1 hour.

For full instructions to make a Nirma skirt pls goto NIRMA SKIRT FREE PATTERN.

We are trying to sew a larger piece of circle onto a smaller circle - because this essentially is a circle skirt. So this method is quite a complex one and involves a 3 times stitching and 2 times pressing.

How to hem circle skirt or curved edge

Detailed steps below:
1. Sew 1 cm from the edge of the skirt hem. This will help to fold the fabric and also prevent from stretching. I generally do this as soon as I cut the skirt piece.
2. Fold wrong sides together at 1 cm fold line and press.
3. Sew over the edge (this is the second round of sewing over the first). This will help with the second fold and keep the first fold in place.
How to finish hem of cirlce skirt
4. This is how it looks. Already looks neat.
5. Fold under another 1 cm and press.
6. Just another view.
7. I cut the excess out as I didn't want bulk and wanted the skirt to flow around. This is upto you. I have previously done it without cutting as well but I prefer to cut.
It needs to be put cut evenly - not like mine :)
8. I roughly pin all around so I know if I'm running excess fabric on top. You can only know this once you sew it.
9. The trick here to keep the lower fabric tight by pulling and upper fabric loose (to be able to fit larger circle to a smaller one).
How to tuck fabric for no gathers
10. When you are sewing on the bias fabric its really easy but when you come to non bias side you may need to place in a tuck for the upper fabric to be accommodated by the lower one. The pins that you have placed randomly is a good indicator if you are running more on the upper fabric.
11. This is how it looks. Should have taken a better photo I know :)
Iron circle skirt
12. Give it a good press.
13. Looks neat now.

14. Another view.
How to attach trimming to hem
15. I like to place the pom pom band below the hem and sew from the top. This way I know exactly how much of the pom pom side needs to be seen.
16. At the ends just sew over such that the pom poms look neat and continuous without gap.
17. Cut the ends.
How to add lace or trims to skirt
18. Finish!!







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  1. First time here and totally enjoyed reading yr post...I'm one of those who grew up watching Nirma ads ....n d skirt is very cute ....
    The Pom Pom band is the icing on d cake...keep it up


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