Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Free next pattern- What would you like?

Hi All,

I'm reaching out to you in the hope to get a reply. I've been thinking of what my next pattern should be.

This blog is more like an information blog (mostly one way), it is not yet a communication blog and I really want it to be.
I haven't spread the word in my circle so I cannot expect much, just giving it a try asking for a reply considering I get about 1000 views a day. It's just this anonymous person in this anonymous world, but yes soon it will be a communication blog; its just that I'm not confident enough to share.

So, coming back - I'm thinking of 2 options
1. nightie for kids - might be ideal for summer
2. divided skirt - due to heat stockings is not an option and I don't like the nappy to show, so this might suit that it is a skirt and the nappy won't show as well as it have a divide between the skirt?

Both patterns would require me to learn to put together a pdf pattern. I don't know to start, but I'll give it my best :)

If you have any suggestions, photos anything you want to share of what you would like the next pattern, please leave a comment or you can send to widicreations(at)yahoo(dot)com..

Many Thanks,

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  1. I like the idea of a nightgown. My daughter really likes wearing them (she calls them dresses), but so far we just have a couple flannel ones. I'd like some for the (hopefully) warmer weather coming.

    1. OMG! Million thanks to you for replying. You have brought me so much joy today. :) love you for that.
      I was wondering what if no one replies.

      I've now updated with the 2 patterns I had in my mind drawing them. Let me know your thoughts - how different from what you thought. Thanks.

  2. I second the suggestion for a nightgown! My two year old granddaughter needs new nightclothes and nightgowns fit perfectly into the 'princess dress' category. But..... I also like the divided shorts! Thanks for asking!

    1. Thanks Anne for commenting. Well I'm sure if it will fit into the princess dress category though. :)
      I first have a mighty task of learning to make a digital pattern to print as this will not be just squares and rectangles.

  3. Though am not as skilled as you in tailoring I would like to know how to make that nightgown :)

    1. Sure Divya, Thanks. I'll plan to put that as a pattern. And I'm no skilled n all, I only started last sept to learn to set up the sewing machine and learnt to sew. :) You too can sew like you too can cook may be :)

  4. My vote is for the nightgown too! Sorry for the late reply, I was on a long vacation...

    Best wishes for the project!
    The Arts & Me

    1. Thanks Sindhu. Hope you had a lovely holiday.

  5. This is one pattern I was lookin for......if I was to reply first, I would definately asked this one ...:))

    1. Hi Mayuri, Not very long before I get the pattern out.. I hope you meant the nigtie? :) its a steep learning curve for me to make an epattern. Slowly getting hang of it.


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