Saturday, 1 February 2014

Flat front back elasticised - First attempt

Hi All,

Finally I'm posting my first attempt of flat front back elasticised skirt. I think I'm quite obsessed with this. I'm making the same for the Kids clothes week as well. I'm also preparing a detailed super detailed tutorial to go along. I'm not sure if I can complete by the week but its on the way :)
My 2 others attempts are Flat front back elasticized skirt second try  and flat front back elasticised skirt third attempt.
This is a bit different in that it is a circle skirt but the idea is the same.

UPDATE: Full pattern and tutorial click  Phus phus skirt free pattern

1. Measure :  which I dont/cant even now. The skirt is way too long.

2. I have put straps for this dress but how are the straps going to stay on? It doesn't cross over back and has no button fastenings. Learning - The straps need to cross over back and they need to be adjustable.

You can see on the sides I've tucked inside the straps. I just put it on to show some photos, else without some modifications I cant use this skirt. I did so much maths to come up with this skirt though :)
3. Don't ask me what this is - I've no idea :). What was I thinking? :)
Learning - always make tubes of waistband before attaching to skirt. It gives a neat appearance.

This looks neat. I think so :)
I've sewn the elastic and waistband together and I like this idea.

Thanks for reading.

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