Monday, 30 November 2015

Butterick B5526 - My first attempt at a collared shirt

Butterick B5526 - My first attempt at a collared shirt.

The most obedient fabric I've ever worked with on a pattern which turned out to be the most toughest pattern I've worked. I knew it would be challenging for me - the collars were the only reason I bought pattern. I've been wanted to try and learn collars since about a year now. Finally!!

The fabric is a beauuuutiful chambray fabric, for anyone just trying to learn to sew this is the best fabric to start with. Really! It stitches beautifully, irons and steams so well. I thought the sleeves may be challenging as it didn't have much give for me to manipulate the fabric, but using the crimping methods - it was a breeze.

Seam ripper was my best friend here...The collars - which one to interface, which to put on top of which one.. got them all wrong twice.. and once I even topstitched the whole collar to realise it didn't fit the shirt neck- I'd had all wrong possible with it. I'm still very happy with the way the collars have turned out.

I thought the buttonholes will take much longer and somehow I had a feeling that it would pull along the buttons diagonally - but surprisingly it was done in 10 minutes - buttonholes and buttons.

You can see some press lines on the bust - finally time to buy a tailor's ham I thought.

And if you are a regular here you'll notice the skirt is from the same fabric I made a cape coat for my daughter more than a year back.

Pattern Description: 
 I made the pattern D version with sleeves from E. It has princess seams and buttons down the front with full sleeves and cuff.
Butterick B5526

Butterick B5526 view

Fabric Used: 

Pastel Cotton Chambray Dress Fabric

Pattern Sizing: The pattern I selected came with max of size 12. The bust measurement on the pattern inside for size 12 was 97 - same as my bust. I wanted ease on the shirt so on the sides I simply increased by half a cm. It has still turned out to be too big for my liking. I'm still ok with the body but the sleeves are just too baggy. 
Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done? Yes it did.  

Were the instructions easy to follow? Now when I read back they are, but when I started out it was all greek for me. I had to read over and over look at various books and videos to get it in my head and still there are so many mistakes I've done. Nothing wrong with the instructions, but as it was my first ever shirt it took a long time to get it right.

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern? I didn't like the pleat on the shirt cuff part. The sleeve is just too baggy, otherwise its good. I might just make a size 12 next time, but sleeves I'll need to draft my own. 
Pattern alterations or any design changes you made: 

- Increased side seams by half a cm
- Decreased the length of shirt and sleeves by 5 cm.

Have a great week!

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