Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Culottes in Triple Crepe

A simple pattern made with some gorgeous fabric is a WIN in every way I think. Don't you?
Red Long Culottes

The fabric is so lovely - this deep red triple crepe from minerva crafts is just so gorgeous, I didn't want to cut it at all.. No really its so gorgeous the fall is so graceful.
I want even sure after I bought the fabric is culottes is the right choice.
I used Butterick B6179 which states fast and easy and it is really. Having had not much experience in using patterns, I really wasn't sure. 
I have used a pattern before but never went to finish it. This was the first time I've finished something that is made from a ready pattern not made by me. 
Red Long Skirt

DIY Long Culottes

Culottes in Red

Pattern Description: B6179 D I made the pattern D Culottes version. It has a zipper at the back, side pockets, no lining, waistband. 

Fabric Used: Triple crepe in Red.

Pattern Sizing: This was the most disappointing part.I bought the pattern sizing 6-14. My waist is 80.6 cm. I measured the waist on the pattern by walking the pattern; the finished garment didn't mention of waist at all. The waist after measuring on the pattern pieces of size 14 (waist on patterns 5+2+6+4 times 2  minus the seam allowances) gave 78.8. This was 1.8 less than the largest size on the pattern. So I added 0.5 cm on side seams of pattern 2 and 4. Well I like no ease on the waist so just went by my waist measurement.

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done? More than I guess. I've made 2 now and would make more.  

Were the instructions easy to follow? Yes

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern? I didnt like the back zipper. Could work for a skirt but definitely not culottes. May be I wouldnt use them on skirt as well if I'm honest. The details on the flap for waistband werent very clear.  But then I didnt read it very well. I had recently made a skirt where it worked beautifully so just followed what I already knew.

Pattern alterations or any design changes you made: Well….I made a muslin first and I looked like a ball... so I wasnt really sure.. Well you know how calico stands, I still went ahead and glad I did. 
1. I changed the back zip to side.
2. Instead of 2 pockets I just made 1.
3. Did my own waistband and attaching to the skirt.
4. Used buckrum for waistband for interfacing.
5. Increased size as I'm larger than largest size on the pattern I bought.
Would you sew it again? Yes, Yes, Yes.

Triple Crepe fabric in Red DIY

How to pose for Blog photos

red skirt with plain white shirt

Simple dressing in white crisp shirt
Selvage for waistband
 I used the fabric selvages as the waistband as that is the strongest part of the fabric. This was something I learnt from the Islander sewing systems.The wrong side is not turned over so I dont have to worry about accuracy here.
waistband stitch in the ditch
 The waistband is thick enough to hold the heavy skirt.. yes the skirt may atleast be 2kilos.
waistband thickness

Zipper on skirt
 Zip - Ok I may have sewn alteast 30-40 zips in the last 2 months and now I have all the info to give the out to you. wait for this ;)
Paper underneath slippery fabric to cut
 This was how I lay out my fabric.I used paper underneath for extra support whist cutting and it turned out beautiful.
washi tapes for marking
 I used washi tapes to mark the wrong side of the fabric. This crepe is so similar on both sides its hard to make out and with cutting layout having on folds and on single layer of fabric its important to mark the right and wrong. 
Steam vanish pilot pens for fabric
 I used these amazing pens that just vanish with steam.. Its so amazing you should give it a go.
waistband buckrum
 I used buckrum from my local fabric shop and stiched them on the inside of the waistband. What it does is just amazing.
waistband buckrum stitching
I made 2 rows of stitching.
Really pleased with how it has turned out. Let me know what you think.


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