Thursday, 14 August 2014

Skorts Pattern First Try

Hope you are having a great week. My week is really busy work wise. Next few days or rather months is going to be quite like this. Work and maintaining the blog at the same time - demands so much from you, but who is complaining on the blog side. That's how addicted people become I guess.

I made the skorts or rather culottes or rather divided skirt.
When I had asked about a couple of months back on which pattern you'd like amongst the  nightie or the divided skirt most of you voted for the nightie and some showed interest on the divided skirt. The divided skirt then was pleated now I've modified the pattern to look like a flared skirt - mostly inspired by the circle skirt vintage dress I made with the open back. I loved the way it turned out. I loved the way I hemmed the dress using the double fold hem tutorial.

I used the cutting layout I described here.I've thought about the cutting so much really - for the first dress I made there was no uneven hem at all. I'm not sure if it is because of the fabric or my cutting layout.Hahaha. Enjoy some of the clicks showing off the features of the skirts.
Divided skirt pattern

Even if it flies in the air it will not flash the nappy.
Sew Skorts
You can see in between the stitching line.
Front and back culottes
I put a small ribbon on the back to differentiate between front and back. It's like trousers - front cannot be back and back cannot be front.
skirt shorts skorts
This shows the inside of the skorts - my MIL holding it for me.
Stitch skorts
The outside looks like simple flared skirt
Sew flared shorts
There it is - just like a normal skirt.
Divided Skirt
Notice the middle stitching line - just off the center on the left.

No peeking nappy skirt
Doesn't show the nappy even when sitting.
Culottes for little girls
Eating blackberries, MIL picking them.

Divided skirt for girls
See clearly the divided skirt - still doesn't show the nappy.
divided skirt sew
Now you can clearly see the division. I should have pressed first.
Simple Skorts pattern
At least the hem I should have pressed. Was in hurry to take the pics before it became cloudy again. Glad I did.

Enjoy the last few days of the week. Or alteast try :). I'm.


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  1. This skort is just adorable on your cute daughter!! I love polka dots and this looks like a fun skirt for twirling in :)

  2. I second what Preeti said in her comment... You are such an enthusiastic sewer!

    TC! Keep smiling :)

  3. Hi! Im just wondering if you have a pattern for the skort? Thanks!

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